Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Lovin'

Wow! I cannot believe summer break is almost over for my little FIRST grader!  It has been a lot of fun having him home.  Hope we can get a few more hikes, a few camping trips, and a couple of trips to the bio parks before he goes back.  Here are a few pictures of our summer fun!  Sorry I have not posted in a while.  I have been mostly updating on Facebook. So a lot of these pictures will be repeats from Facebook- sorry.  I will try to get back to posting more often.  

 Los Conchas in Jemez Mountains 

 My three favorite people!

 We love hiking!!

 Silly Connor!

 Monkey see, monkey do!

 Best buds- most days.

 Visiting Jemez Falls

Love these boys so much!

 Had a blast with lots of friends!

Love bridge pictures! :)

My little explorer!