Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to Work

Hello Everyone!

My summer is quickly coming to an end. I have already started getting my classroom ready and going to new trainings. The summer has been so much fun! I love just hanging out with my family. But I have no choice- I have to go back!
The first picture is taken at Cochiti. I recently went there with family and friends. The other pictures I took in the backyard. Connor is doing very well. He started eating meats this week! He has had chicken and beef. His new favorite thing to do is to push the chairs around in the kitchen. This makes me really NERVOUS! So I stay right by him when he off on his adventure. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I am slowly learning how to manually take pictures. Let me know if anyone wants me to take pictures of you or your family. I need to practice on other people besides my #1 model and Josh. I cannot guarantee good pictures but I'll just charge you for what pictures you want and how much it cost to print them.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


For my Photo Corp (my photo group with our church) I had an assignment to take a picture of myself and this was my portrait. I like taking portraits of others more!

Me and Papa

I took these pictures at my parents house on the Fourth of July. Connor was having a lot of fun with my dad. I think they look too cute together.

Connor started to wave hi and bye to EVERYONE! It doesn't matter if were at the grocery store or the mall he waves to anyone. Yesterday we went the mall and he found himself a girlfriend! We were eating our lunch in the food court and this couple with their daughter were sitting across from us. They were both so cute with each other. They kept smiling and waving at each other. Connor would shake his head and then she would shake her head. It was so CUTE! Connor must like older women because this little girl was probably a year and a half.