Monday, December 29, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Sorry some of the pictures are sideways.  I am not sure why the computer won't let me flip them today.  Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  These are some of the photos from our trip to Vegas.  We had so much fun!  We went to two shows that were incredible.  We saw Mystere at Treasure Island and The Beatles Love show at Mirage.  I recommend them both.  They are both cirque de soleil shows and the people in the show are so talented.  We loved staying at New York, New York!  The hotel was really nice and we had a really nice room.  The only down fall on the trip was the food prices on the strip.  The food is so expensive even at McDonalds.  We wanted to try out a few fine dining restaurants, so we planned on eating less expensive meals most of the time and then going to a couple of really nice restaurants.  But, all the restaurants turned out to be expensive so we weren't able to do any really nice fine dining.  I wanted to check out Bobby Flay's restaurant in Caesars Palace, maybe next time.  We did eat at a really good sushi restaurant in Palazzo called Samba Sushi that was excellent and not too pricey.  Josh said it was the best sushi he ever had!  My favorite casino was the Wynn.  That place is incredibly nice!  They had opened the Encore casino the day before we left but we didn't have enough time to go and see it.  Connor also had a great time at Grandma's house.  He was very spoiled and got really attached to Papa.  It is good to be home and back to reality.  I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Day!   

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