Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

These are some shots I got of Connor on our way to and at Grandma's house.  He was having so much fun playing outside.  He really enjoyed the dirt which you can see plastered on his pants and face.  I had a good time taking pictures outside.  I took them until my battery went dead.  It wasn't fully charged to begin with.  
Today is my first day of Spring Break!  It has been crazy at work with conferences and you tell the kids were ready for a break.  I have a week and a half off and I intend to make the most of it.  Connor is feeling much better this week.  He had a double ear infection and a respiratory infection.  We took him to the emergency room last Wednesday morning (1:00am)  because he hadn't slept in two days and they gave him some medicine.  It still took him a while to start feeling better.  I think that this was the worst illness he has had yet.  He still has a running nose but he is doing much, much better.  
Twilight the movie comes out on Saturday!  So EXCITED!!  I don't think I will get my copy on Saturday.  I ordered mine from Border's because I wanted a special edition that you could only get through them.  So, now I have to be patient and wait to receive it.  They have already shipped it but the tracking says that I won't get it until the 27th!  I guess I will just have to read until then...

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