Friday, March 6, 2009

When is it going to be spring??

Okay...I am dying to take pictures outside and the weather has been really nice lately.  I have been so busy lately since we had this "spring like" weather.  Well, I guess I waited to long because the weather has been terrible these last couple of days with this cold wind.  Yesterday, I decided I would just bundle Connor up and hope for the best so I could steal some pictures of him.  Connor didn't mind the cold one bit (he actually was very upset to go back inside).  We only spent about ten minutes outside but I was able to get a couple of shots of my baby.  The first picture make look a little strange.  I tried to do an antique effect.  The MAC sometimes have a different color resolution than PCs, so I hope that it looks okay on all your PC screens.  

Josh, Connor and I recently took a trip to Santa Fe.  I took off a day of work and took a little "family vacation".  It was the second trip Connor has taken and he did very well.  He really enjoyed Santa Fe.  You could tell he knew that we was in a different city.  We went to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum which was very cool.  I fell in love with one of her paintings called "Nature Forms".  I wanted to get a print of the picture to hang in my den, and I guess the owner that has the copyright of the painting will not let them them replicate the painting.  So, that was a bummer.  It was nice to get away and relax.  We had a great time!  I was a little disappointed in the mall and the outlet.  I thought they would have a better selection then Albuquerque but they didn't.  The condo we stayed at was really nice.  We got a fantastic deal!  We stayed two night for 70 bucks a night.  The condo was had a huge kitchen, a nice living room, and a walk-in shower (which I guess is Josh's next project for our master bath).  

I am also still reading the Twilight series (round 2).  I am about 1/2 way done with the second book.  I am going much slower than the first time.  I guess because I already know what happens.  But, it is really interesting reading the books a second time.  Meyer gives you a lot of clues early on about the characters or events that are going to happen later that you don't pick up on the first time you read them.  My mom also bought me "The Host" which is the most recent book that Meyer wrote.  It isn't about vampires instead it is about aliens.  I heard this books is also really good.  I plan to start it as soon as finish the twilight series.  The movie comes to DVD in a few weeks!  So EXCITED!!! I ordered the special edition from Borders.   

Also, I am now on!  Still trying to figure it out but, if you are on facebook, let me know so we can be "friends". :)  

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