Monday, February 20, 2012

Thanking God for my Family

This is Brad and me at a birthday party we went to this weekend!
Connor LOVES going to the Lowe's projects! It is so cute to watch him and Josh put together a cute project on a Saturday morning. He is always so proud of his accomplishments.
First of all, I would like to thank all the messages and emails that I received from all my friends and family. Thank you for all support, advice and words of encouragement. It means a lot to us and we are so lucky to have such great friends and family.
I am so lucky to have my healthy, amazing family. Today, I went to Carrie Tingley to get Bradley's initial scan to see if he qualified for his helmet. My doctor was a little late taking me back and I spend some extra time in the waiting room. I totally think it is God's way of making me open my eyes to see how blessed we really are with Bradley. As I was waiting, a young boy was sitting with his parents in his wheelchair with severe problems. He was actually there to get fitted for a feeding table. I felt so grateful for Bradley knowing that his condition is only temporary, where as the family sitting across from me would have extreme problems their entire lives. I don't know all their circumstances but I know they have been through so much more than we have had to go through. I think God wants me to appreciate my family more and not take them for granted. I pray for that family and hope that they find help for their son.

Bradley did qualify for his helmet. We are now just waiting on the insurance company to see what they will pay for and than we will move from there. Bradley is continuing physical therapy and he has his next appointment on Wednesday.

Connor is on his way to becoming a T-ball athlete! He will be starting his league in April. He is very excited to play and practices all the time at home. He can actually hit the ball very well! I think it will teach his some much needed skills. He really needs to work on not always winning and also having to follow rules in a game instead of just making up your own. It is going to be hilarious watching him play.

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Cavinder Family said...

You know I'll be the first one to draw a picture or add a sticker to Bradley's helmet. You have an amazing family and are a wonderful mother!!! We have to thank God every day for each of our blessings, no matter how long, short, hard, or easy they are.