Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Fun

Having fun at the zoo!

My two cuties! Don't they look just alike?

Had a great time at the zoo!

It's finally spring break! We've been having a lot of fun at home. This weekend we went to the Aquarium with the kids and Josh's parents. We had a lot of fun looking at the shark aquarium and then had lunch at P.F. Changs. Yum! On Tuesday, Josh and I took the boys to the zoo and it was a perfect day outside! It was a great day for the zoo. Connor had a lot of fun! He was a little disappointed that the reptile house was closed. That's one of his favorite parts of the zoo! Bradley had a lot of fun too. He enjoyed just being able to be outside and look around at everything.
We also have been looking at buying our first travel trailer! We really want to be able to take the boys camping and fishing this year. We recently sold our boat since we were not using it at all. We learned that we just like to camping, not boating. Plus, we need some place for the kids to get out the sun and take naps. Tents are not the best for babies. We really like a trailer at Camping World and are considering buying it. We (or just I) just want to make sure that it has everything that we need and want in a trailer. If it was up to Josh it would have already been a done deal.
Bradley's therapy is going very well. He goes to therapy every two weeks. We have seen a huge improvement in his mobility. Our therapist is absolutely wonderful. Bradley just got fitted for his helmet on Monday. He has his appointment for his final fitting next Friday. From that point on, he has to wear it everyday until his flat side is corrected. I am a little worried about how he is going to respond to wearing it all the time. It has to be uncomfortable and just plain hot! He will have to wear it anywhere between 3 to 6 months depending on how fast it corrects itself and how quickly his head grows. I am praying that it is closer to 3 than 6.

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