Friday, March 16, 2012

More Spring Break Fun!

He really enjoyed his homemade butternut squash!


Connor's Catch of the Day
He went fishing yesterday with my mom and dad.

Connor's favorite treat

Can't believe it is already Friday! Time flies when you are having fun! It has been a great week hanging with my wonderful family. This weather has been absolutely perfect! I could not have asked for better weather for all of our outdoor fun.
Bradley started solid foods today! He has been getting rice cereal since he was four months old. I made him homemade butternut squash. I thought that would be a great first food for him to try. My goal is to make all his baby food myself. My friend Sarah made her own baby food for her little Audrey and has really inspired me to do the same. I tried making my own baby food with Connor but was very unhappy with the texture of the food. I gave up way too soon. I like knowing how fresh the produce is and how it was prepared. I also bought me a Blendtec Blender and I love, LOVE this thing. Yes- I know it is very expensive and you can buy a cheaper blender. But, it blends things like you would not believe. It is well worth the investment. It makes the smoothest smoothies. I feel like I have a Keva Juice at my house. Connor has a smoothie every morning with his breakfast. This blender makes the smoothest baby foods! It looks like the same texture that you get from the jar. It is great! Plus, the color of the baby food is so much brighter since it is fresh and actually looks good! Thank you Breanne for recommending the Blendtec! It is amazing!

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Cavinder Family said...

i'm glad i inspired you! it feels so gratifying after spending time to make the food and watching them enjoy it. if you need any more tips let me know and I'll bring the recipe book on Monday. you'll also find that it's cheaper than buying it pre made.