Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Break is Finally Here!

The school year has finally come to an end. I think it went by pretty fast.  I think it is just because I went on maternity leave this year so it flies by when you are gone that long in the school year. It was a good year but I am always excited when summer starts approaching.
I am really looking forward to this summer! Looking forward to slowing down my crazy life and just enjoying being with my family and friends. We are still hoping to go on a vacation this summer, but still haven't even decided where we should go.  I was thinking either Denver or Phoenix, somewhere close to take the boys to the zoo and go shopping. Next year we are definitely planning a big Disneyland trip since that is when Connor will be starting Kindergarten.  This summer since Brad is still little I thought a small getaway would be better than a long vacation but we will see.  We were hoping to convince a few friends to go with us on our vacation this year. 

Bradley is doing an amazing job with his helmet!  His head is starting to round out in the back and his sides are more symmetrical.  He does very well wearing all day. He never seems bothered by it and even does pretty well in the heat with it. He is crawling all over the place, which I am very happy about. I was actually very worried about him crawling because he can slide on his helmet across the floor very easily. He is still loving mommies homemade creations. I am still loving making his baby food and always excited to try a new recipe or introduce a new food to him.  His favorites are sweet potatoes and carrots. Just like his brother, except Brad hasn't turned orange. Brad also got his first tooth a few weeks ago and I think he is working on another one already. 

Connor is really enjoying his t-ball games. He enjoys seeing his friends that he plays with in t-ball and learning about the game. He says his favorite part is hitting the ball. Connor starts swim lessons next week (which I will miss the first week since I have to go to a training for work). He is very, very excited to start his lessons and learn how to swim. We are also planning to making many trips to the library the summer. Today Connor is going to sign up for the summer reading program at the library. He absolutely loves going to the library and looking at books. His favorite books so far are anything to do with animals, dinosaurs, and Mo Willems stories. He is beginning to read books very well on his own. He has his own bag of books that he can read them on his own. He is starting to read signs and menus on his own when we go out. It is really incredible how easily it comes to him. He also finished his first pre-k program this month. I was able to go to the end of the year celebration and it was so cute!  They sang songs and also had an award ceremony. Connor received the "Little Teacher" Award. Which he was very excited about. He does like to teach everyone about what he knows. He may be going to Shining Stars or continuing at Early Learning next year. It just depends if he gets accepted into Shining Stars or not which is completely a lottery system. I really tried to get him in kindergarten early but they would not let him start this year since his birthday barely misses the cut off. Which is too bad, I think he is really ready for Kindergarten.  
 Connor with his "Little Teacher" Award
Thanks for checking out my blog!  I plan to post more things since I am off this summer. I hope everyone is doing wonderful. We will talk to you soon!  Happy Summer!

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Cavinder Family said...

I absolutely love Bradley's sticker! So cute! And go Connor!! Teacher award fits him well!!