Monday, June 18, 2012

Where Does The Time Go??

I can't believe it is already June 18th! My summer is flying by so quickly. Sometimes I wish I could just slow down the time and savor every moment I have at home with my amazing family.  Not only do I get to spend some extra time with my precious boys, but I also get to spend so much extra time with Josh.  We are so lucky that he is off for four days in a row every week.  We finally narrowed down our family trip for the summer.  We are going to be heading to Denver in July with some friends and their kids.  We plan to go to the Denver Zoo which is a fantastic zoo to visit.  We also plan to go to the museum and butterfly pavilion.  I definitely am looking forward to our first family trip with Bradley. I am hoping his helmet is off by than, but we are not sure how much longer he has to wear it at this point.  Connor concluded swim lessons and t-ball, now he is starting golf lessons every Saturday morning at Sandia Casino.  He absolutely LOVES it!  He really enjoys the independence of the sport and is actually really good at hitting the ball. He is popping the ball and sending them over our back wall of our house.  Pictures to come soon!  I did take some new photos of Bradley in my bedroom the other day.  I need to start taking more photos!  I have been slacking in that department and I feel that I need to brush up on my photo skills.

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Cavinder Family said...

I spy a little tooth!!! He is growing up way to fast!