Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

I cannot believe we area already back at school.  Our summer flew by and before I knew it, I was back at work setting up my classroom for my first graders.  I have a wonderful group of students this year. They are so sweet, smart and work really, really well together.  I am one lucky teacher!  

Connor also started preschool this year.  He is at Shining Stars Preschool and absolutely loves it.  He had a rocky first day. But since that day he has been an awesome student.  He really likes his teacher and is meeting a lot of new friends.  Connor is still enjoying golf!  He has been going every Saturday to his lessons and is actually doing very well.  His instructor says that he is very good for his age and that he listens and understands what to do very well.  I think he is going to be a natural athlete, like his daddy.  I am glad he didn't take after me- I am not good at any sports.  Connor is also starting soccer at the end of the month.  He has been asking to join soccer all summer and so we decided to enroll him in soccer instead of t-ball since he was very interested in playing.  

Bradley is almost a year!  I am starting to plan his birthday party.  I have been going back and forth on his theme for the party and we finally decided to do a 'little man' party.  It is all themed with suit-ties and mustaches.  It is really cute!  I got all my ideas from Pinterest, of course.  If you haven't seen the 'Little Man' theme, do a google search on it. Super adorable!  Bradley is also walking!!  I cannot believe he is already walking.  He has been taking steps for almost a month, but has been actually walking for a little over a week.  He is a very fast walker and is very determined to get where he wants to go.  Bradley is also the reason the reason they make baby-proof safety equipment.  He is constantly getting into things.  I don't think he spends a whole lot of time playing with actual baby toys.  He is always just looking for things he shouldn't be playing with.  He has also learned how to climb the stove- which is really scary.  He pulls out the drawer on the bottom, and uses it as a step, and them holds onto the oven door and tries to turn on the burners!  You cannot leave him alone for a second.  He is definitely a hand-full!  But he is also the most loving and sweetest boy in the world.  He is so cute when he blows his little kisses and repeats my name over and over again.              
 Just going for a walk in the neighborhood.

 Mommy snaps way too many photos!

 Look at all those teeth!  He has 8 teeth!

 First day of school!  Watch out Shining Stars!

 Love that smile!

 This was Connor's idea for a photo!

 Ready to learn!

 So serious!  It must be a very important picture.

Finally got a big boy bike!!  He is having so much fun riding it!

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