Friday, May 24, 2013

Preschool Graduation

I cannot believe it!  Connor graduated from preschool this week! He is officially going to be in Kindergarten. He is so excited to start to school- he woke up the next morning after graduation and asked if he started Kindergarten that day. It will be very nice having him at my school but it is so hard to see him grow up so quickly.  
Connor just finished his soccer team and we are ready for some summer fun. We hope to make many, many visits to the zoo and aquarium. He is enjoying his three millipedes that were leftover from our science kits at school. Connor is also looking forward to the spray park too. 
We are also trying to plan a small family trip to Denver for some family vacation. I have a huge summer reading list that I am very excited to begin.  I am almost done with the Mortal Instrument series and Inferno Device series. I am very anxious for the movie release in August!  
Bradley is getting big too! He is learning new words all the time. He likes to omit beginning sounds of words. For Connor, Onnor. For bunny, unny. For Doggie, oggie.  His favorite thing at the moment is climbing on high furniture. We have a very high dining room table and it is one of his favorite things to climb on. He is a lot of work at the moment. You cannot leave him alone for a second! 

Preschool Graduation!!

 My Handsome Brad

I had to pull his binky out of his mouth so you could see him!  He is so attached to it!  Please send help!!

 Playing in the sandbox before graduation

 Bridging ceremony- "crossing over to Kindergarten"
 Cap and gown!!

 Cookies after graduation

 Mom and my kindergartner  
 Wish Brad was here! He was busy drinking juice- he NEVER gets juice. Grandma likes to spoil him.

Ready for a new adventure!

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