Monday, July 1, 2013

We Love Camping!

We finally did it!  We got our camper trailer!  Josh and I have been wanting a camper trailer for years and we either couldn't find what we wanted or decided against buying one. But we finally found our perfect camper.  It definitely was not easy. I couldn't decide whether I wanted a new camper or a vintage camper.  I love the old tear drop campers! But they were not for our family. I could never find one with a good layout or with all the features that we wanted to have.  We came across our perfect trailer a couple of weeks ago at Camping World. We have been getting it ready and we took it out this last weekend and had a blast.  We had a hard time deciding where to go on our first trip. We decided to go to Pendaries and I am so glad we did!  It was soooo nice! The weather was perfect! The boys had a blast and it was absolutely beautiful!! Here are a few pics of our first camping adventure! If you have not been to Pendaries you are missing out! We will definitely go back soon! :)

First camping trip in our new trailer!!
Sorry the picture looks weird- I was wearing some not-so-cute sweats and didn't want them in the picture. :)

 Here is our new trailer! We are so excited!! - Isn't the campgrounds beautiful!?!

 Brad had a blast!!  
He is exploring and if you look close he sees a squirrel on the tree!

 Here is another look at that wonderful trailer!  Can you tell we are excited?!

Connor fishing at a pond near Coyote Creek
He had so much fun fishing and is getting really, really good at casting!

Connor hiking with dad!
He loved hiking and exploring!!

Bradley throwing rocks into the pond.
Watch out fishes!!

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