Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bandelier Exploring!

Last Saturday, we adventured to Bandelier National Park for a fun day with the family. I have not been to Bandelier since elementary school. My last experience there was actually horrible. I was very sick from the bus ride and I did not go into a single cave because I did not want to climb the ladders, even the small ones. My love for the trails and outdoor adventures has grown and I am learning to try and deal with my set-backs. I even had to ride a bus from White Rock to the park because that is the only way you can get into the park during the summer season. We started with taking the Main Loop trail and explored all the caves and ruins.

The boys LOVED it! They loved climbing the ladders and trying to find pictures on the cave walls.

We ate our packed lunches and then made our way to the Alcove House. Connor and I did not go up to the Alcove House. Not quite ready for that yet! In order to reach the Alcove House you must climb a series of ladders and stairs 140 feet high above the canyon. Bradley and Josh decided to climb this together. Maybe one day I will be able to do this.
Alcove House, 140 foot climb to the top 
Bradley and Josh are climbing the ladder to reach the top! 
Next time we go I am definitely buying the guidebook that you can purchase for a dollar. We regretted it once we were on the trails and wanted to learn more about what we were finding along the trail. We thought it was just a map but it is filled with information about the ruins and painting that you can find along the trail. 

I highly recommend going to this park and exploring it! It was so much fun and very kid friendly. I want to also explore Chaco Canyon and the Gila Cliff Dwellings when it cools off. I have been to Mesa Verde and I want to go back soon. Mesa Verde is my favorite! 

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