Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Family Update!

I decided to try to update my blog again! I miss playing around with my blog and writing about my family and sharing things that are important to me. My goal is try and update my blog once a week. I am going to really try and stay on top of it. I find it is a great way to log our adventures and share with family and friends. Since I have not updated in a while, I decided to give you five facts about each family member. I hope you enjoy!


1. Bradley starts kindergarten in August. I still cannot believe he is going to school.
2. He is very much into policemen right now. He has wanted to be a policeman for several years now. It is the only thing that has really stuck with him. He changes his favorite color every day, literally.
3. He only will eats his vegetables raw right now. Any veggies cooked is a thumbs down.
4. He has amazing luck at arcade games. The last three times we have gone to an arcade, he has hit the jackpot!
5. He really enjoys riding his new bike that grandma and papa bought him. He is still using the training wheels but hopefully he can ditch them soon.  


1. Connor will be starting fourth grade in the fall. It is so surreal. I cannot believe it!
2. Connor loves playing lacrosse. He has recently been playing goalie and multiple field positions. His team won in a tournament held in Durango and they also won the local championship.
3. He is still extremely creative and always is working on a craft or taking something apart to see how it works. He loves science so much and is wondering when he can take Chemistry classes.
4. He loves snacking on sunflower seeds. He puts a big handful at once into his mouth, just like his dad.
5. He is a little Paul Bunyan and has some major lumberjack cutting skills. He can swing an axe very well and enjoys cutting down branches and small trees at the ranch.


1. Josh is still working for the fire department in Los Alamos and still loving it! I am so glad he loves his job so much.
2. He is currently working his way through his never ending "Honey Do List". He is working on tiling the kitchen and laundry room right now.
3. He is enjoying geocaching with the boys on hiking trails.
4. He recently got a newer diesel truck. It is bright, fire engine red!
5. In April, he was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church.


1. I will be starting working full-time again in the fall. I will be teaching third grade at Enchanted Hills! I am so excited to get back into the classroom.
2. This summer has really thrown me off my health and wellness goals. I cannot get my traction.
3. I am obsessed with Imagine Dragons new album! It is so good!
4. I have been watching The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. It is amazing! I am seriously on the edge of my seat during every episode. It is so intense.
5. I am looking forward to the rest of my summer and ready to get outside and explore!

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